WERA Motorcycle Roadracing Forms

The entry forms that are listed here are strictly for pre entry! Do not bother to fill one out and take it to the track as you will have to fill out the 3 part form we use in the field anyway (it's an accounting thing). The tech forms are fine for use at the track as are the membership forms. Please remember to fill out all of the forms completely and follow all directions or your entry/application may be delayed.
Most importantly-remember to print clearly! The biggest problem we have with any form is deciphering your handwriting.
If you already have Acrobat Reader, go ahead and download the pdf files now. If you need Acrobat Reader you can click here and get it from Adobe. Just follow the installation instructions and have fun!

Membership Renewal

First Time Membership

Sportsman Series Entry

National Challenge Series Entry

Sprint Tech Form

Minor Release/Waiver (need every event)

Letter of Consent for Minors (need once a year)

Online Registration

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