WERA Sportsman/Vintage Series

WERA National Challenge Series

WERA/N2 Endurance Series


General Fees-


Membership (Race License) - $130 good for one year from date of purchase.  First time race license for any rider who has never raced with WERA is discounted $50.


AMA Membership - $49 (Required for all WERA Racers) - Available at AMA's WERA site


Mini Membership - $55 good for one year from date of purchase


Weekend Membership (Race License) - $50


Average Gate Fees - generally are $25 for the weekend and drop to $20 on Sunday. Please remember that these may vary track to track and will be more for longer events.


Practice Day - . normally $150 for the day. Only run at special events, check event schedules for details


Raceday Morning Practice (when not entered in races that day) - $50.


Riders School - $80


WERA/N2 Endurance Series -

2 Hour - $295 Pre Entry/$325 Post Entry, 4 Hour - $495 Pre Entry/$525 Post Entry, 6 Hour - $695 Pre Entry/$725 Post Entry

WERA Sportsman/Vintage Series and National Challenge Series -

All Classes - $105 pre entry, $125 post entry for the first class, $80 for the 2nd and 3rd classes for your first day of the event, $75 for every class after that; then $80 for the 1st class of your second day and $75 for every class after that.  

If an event is a Double Header then the fees for the seocnd day will restart at the second entry pricing.  The first entry cost is once per event not per day.  On events like Cycle Jam where the National event is separate from the Sportsman event the first entry fee will be per event (one for the Sportsman, one for Nationals). The GNF has it's own fee structure and will be listed in the invitation letter. Vintage Motorcycle Days is also a special event with it's own pricing and structure.


Minis - $60 for the weekend ($30 for single day or Sunday only rounds). Transponders are required for minis (mini transponder rental is $30).


Transponder Fees (all series) -

Rental - $60 per event. Must have a credit card for deposit.

Provisional Novices will get a free transponder rental.  Must have a credit card for deposit.

WERA no longer sells transponders. Please go to the AMA site for a discount code and then to the Mylaps/AMB site for the transponder  

Online Registration

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